About Mrs. H

Welcome to A Charmed Life!

I’m a furmom, stepmom, and avid reader enjoying life with my husband out on a backroad…

My name is Lydia and I’m in my 30’s! I’m happily married to my soulmate, Jeff, who’s blessed me with two amazing stepsons, Blaize and Kiefer.

I’m an avid reader which led me to start my book blog, HEA Bookshelf. After a year of blogging, my passion for books combined with my business degree inspired me to start my own literary PR company, HEA PR & More, where I do all kinds of work for authors (from marketing to personal assistance). I am also the Marketing Director over at Limitless Publishing. What can I say? I love reading books as much as I love promoting them and I sure do enjoy staying busy!

I’ve also recently joined a company that sells uh-ma-zing products! Have you heard of NuSkin? It’s time to Pamper Yourself, ladies, and NuSkin has you covered!  I seriously LOVE these products SO much that I decided to share them with the world. Join my group for exclusive deals on ALL their products!

I’m a busy gal, so A Charmes Life will be a lifestyle blog plus a book blog all in one place!

Please feel free to comment on my posts…I look forward to chatting with you all!

Mrs. H