BuzzFeed Article

My sister-in-law tagged me on Facebook when she shared this article featured in BuzzFeed about people that are obsessed with stationaries, and let me tell you THEY NAILED IT!! I LAUGHED so hard reading these 23 “confessions” because well, it’s ME!

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 1.11.41 PM

Here are my reactions to each one. Please do comment below with your reaction to this epic article! LOL!

#1 — I SO DO THAT!!!!
#2 — HAHAHAHAHA!! YES!! YES YES YES!!! You’ve seen that happen and so has Jeff. I just….I can’t handle it!! LMAO! I still haven’t decided on what to do with your little message on my FRONT PAGE.
#3 — Not really. I just have all the pens together. Markers in a separate box.  I’m not THAT picky.
#4 — Thank God I don’t do that….anymore.
#5 — Nope. I’d annoy myself too much to let THAT bother me.
#6 and # 7 — HAHAHAHAHA!!! GUILTY AS CHARGED!!! I have quite the collection.
#8 #9 #10 — LMFAO!! THESE KILLED ME. I haaave done it and do lend out “lame” pens because they’re just not the same afterwards. #betrayal
#11 — My sister-in-law’s handwriting, actually!! Funny that it was her who tagged me on the post!
#12 #13 — I have three this year.
#14 — drives me INSANE. So I have a stack of loose leaf paper. 🙂 Problem solved.
#15 #16 — I use pens more so no. BOOM #winning!
#17 – LMFAO!! Back to school time at the stores = BEST TIME OF YEAR
#18 #19 — no comment. I plead the fifth.
#20 — um no. That’s weird LMAO
#21 — YES!!!!!! YESSSS YESSSS!!!!!! LMFAOOOO!!! That’s why I have a few that are just “sitting there” because they’re too purty.
#22 — perhaps.
#23 — gotta love my lists!!!


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