#FiveDogsFriday: Life With Dogs


#FiveDogsFriday: Life With Dogs…………and three cats. =D

People say that cats and dogs are natural enemies. Well, while they might not ALWAYS get along, and instinctively they might not be friendly right off the bat, they are NOT necessarily “enemies” or even remotely close.  That is a myth.

For instance, this past winter we purchased our very first home out in the country (our dogs needed the space to run!) and well, out here, cats are EVERYWHERE (and so are the MICE, but I will touch on this subject more below).


So, long story SHORT: the white cat, Molly “came with the house”. The black and white cat, Milo was actually my sister-in-law’s cat that quite literally moved in with us, LOL, and finally, the brown cat, Mogli (she’s also the youngest one) showed up our very first night and never left.

While it took some time for the dogs to get used to the cats, they are now inseparable. And our dogs WILL protect and defend the cats!

image_6483441 (1)
Molly and Milo.
image_6483441 (2)
Some of our dogs with Molly and Milo.
image_6483441 (3)
Harley and Mogli napping…very comfortably, I might add, LOL!

I am an animal lover through and through so OF COURSE, I fell in love with the cats. Mind you, I’ve NEVER been a cat person, but hey, it was winter and I could not just leave the cats outside. So, we took all three cats in (as you already know, LOL).

The FIRST thing EVERYONE told me was “don’t feed the cats daily because they won’t hunt mice for you, and with living out in the country, you NEED them to hunt mice.”

Let me quickly say that this is another myth. Our cats eat…A LOT. But they also hunt mice…A LOT. Truuuust me. They catch mice like it’s nobody’s business. I had NEVER seen a cat hunt a mouse until these three came into my life, and oh my goodness! That is something beyond what any cartoon ever portrayed! LOL!!!

Funny thing is, the dogs LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when this happens. They sometimes try playing with the dead mouse (which isn’t much fun so they move on quickly) but other times, they come and “get me” so I SEE what the cats have brought into our backyard (true story). In fact,  here is a picture of Bailey showing me Molly’s poor victim.


Yeah, I was NOT impressed. Bluagh!

Suffice it to say, it’s been quite the experience not only having five dogs, but now also three cats! Ha! And I would not change a minute of it!

Until next time!
Happy Friday!
Mrs. Harbaugh


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