#FiveDogsFriday: Life With Dogs


The PuppySpot has a very cool and quite accurate graphic regarding matching people to dog breeds (scroll below).

Now, while I am an overall dog-lover (I don’t care if it’s a pure breed or a mix — a dog is a dog and I love them ALL), I do believe that people should adopt dogs they’re able to handle.

If you don’t have the time or are financially capable or having a dog, don’t get one until you do. Also, people go cray-cray over breeds thinking that because they’re great-looking dogs, they must get them. Then they face the reality of not being able to handle the dog’s personality or specific characteristics. Some dogs require more attention than others, more space to run, etc.

So today, I am sharing an informative chart that will more or less guide you if you’re thinking of picking out a puppy.

Do know that ALL puppies are a handful, regardless of their breed. Keep that in mind!


After going through the chart, I ended up with a Shih Tzu recommendation which is what Harley is! While her puppies are mixed (the baby daddy is not a Shih Tzu), they fall under the same category as well. It’s because of this that I am confident this chart is pretty accurate and I feel comfortable sharing with you all today.

Until next Friday, Dog Lovers!


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