#FiveDogsFriday: Life With Dogs

HAPPY FRIDAY!! TGIF, uh!? It’s been an insanely BUSY week and when you have five dogs wanting your attention constantly, it can get even crazier.

Our internet company was doing a TON of upgrades and our service was HORRIBLE…which in turn made me cranky. I NEED a good internet connection for work purposes, so in my defense I had every right to be cranky, LOL!! (Not that my husband would agree, necessarily.)


Well anyway…on today’s #FiveDogsFriday post, I am excited to share with you all a funny and incredibly cute quirk Harley has. Well at least, I find it ADORABLE, hehe!

Harley (bless her little heart) tends sit right next to me while I’m at my desk and growls at me to get my attention. You see, she does this so I follow her to our pantry where she KNOWS the treats are at. Talk about a clever dog! She does this 4-5 times A DAY and I just sit there shocked every time at how smart she is. While I sometimes give in and follow her to the pantry (LOL I’m weak! What can I say? I give in!), there are times where I know she’s had enough treats. I tend to vary, giving her from teeth-cleaning treats, to duck jerky, to other times rawhide bones, but the point here is….she never ceases to amaze me.

This is her here trying to get my attention…. HOW ADORABLE IS SHE!?


At our house, we call their treats “cookies” and every time we say that word to them, they know they have to come to the pantry and SIT if they want to get one. This, however, gets awkward when we’re actually talking about real cookies, though LOL!

I guess she’s caught on and now knows that by being adorable and taking me to the pantry where I’d see her SITTING, she’ll get her cookie! LOL!



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