#FiveDogsFriday: Life With Dogs

Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies..png
Talk about a slight (not so slight) panic attack!
I thought all our dogs were in the backyard playing (we have a fenced yard). But then, the mama, Harley, came in and so I figured I’d call them ALL in before I headed out to the store. You know, give them their treat that would keep them busy from destroying the house…

And then, it happened…

Reality hit me the second I walked outside.
Our nephew left the back gate OPEN….
I about died. *insert panic attack here*

You see, we live out in the country where the speed limit is really not taken seriously AT ALL, and so people FLY by our house. Literally. I mean, why go 50mph when you can go 80, right? -_-

OF COURSE, my psycho dogmom brain went on over drive!!!

What if the puppies ran towards the front of the house?

There’s a dairy down the road, so I FEARED they ran towards the cows….

Meaning they were on the ROAD.
Meaning they got ran over!!!!!
See? Psycho dogmom brain.

I started SCREAMING their names. Yes, nothing lady-like or even remotely calm.
Flat-out screaming their names….

After calling my husband and sister-in-law in complete panic mode, I started to think…. Since the back gate leads towards to back of our property, I HOPED they had headed that way, so I started there. (Praying they did not even think about the cows down the road.)

Well….THANK GOSH our dogs are trained and come when they’re called because they must’ve heard my hysterical SCREAMING and came right back. I could tell they were well towards the back of the property because it took them a bit to get to the house, but hey, they came.

They were all dirty and covered in cockleburs, but they seem to have had some fun exploring….at my expense nonetheless, LOL!

Lesson of the day: make sure the gate is CLOSED!

As always, feel free to comment below!

Happy Friday y’all!


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