#FiveDogsFriday: Life With Dogs


We have five dogs.

Yep. FIVE.

Our Shih Tzu, Harley, had four puppies and we couldn’t part with them, so our family grew. It grew beyond what we could ever imagine it would become, but we sure love every minute of it.

Having five dogs can bring along tons of adventures, laughs, and memorable moments, but it can also get expensive…and FAST. This is why I decided to start this weekly post about our life with these five babies.

My goal with #FiveDogsFriday: Life With Dogs is to provide you with any tips and advice as we learn along the way and share any fun stories of our journey.

Now, I proudly introduce the puppies: Bailey (left), JJ (back), Pepper (next to JJ), and Gizmo (laying down). Each of them has a unique personality, let me tell ya! Bailey is the escape artist and the one that usually leads the boys to trouble, LOL! JJ is our active one that LOVES doing anything and everything. Pepper is our mellow one but don’t let that fool ya! And Gizmo…he’s our nervous one and the one you’ll most likely find next to me (him and JJ).



Please feel free to comment below, especially if you have any fur babies of your own!

Until next week!



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